Samstag, 24. September 2016

Lolita Blog Carnival - Skills Every Lolita Should Have

Hello and welcome back to...

...another Lolita Blog Carnival !
Today all around the topic of "Skills every lolita should have" - enjoy!

✶ Tie bows skillfully

✶ Have a trained eye for colour perception! Once you enter the fashion of Lolita you learn quickly that red is not red – it can be burgundy, purplish red, cherry red, etc… So do your best in order to avoid clashing colour tones!

✶Know how to save up money! If you want that dream dress cut down wherever you can – the reward will be your future spoils!

✶ Know how to iron – nothing is a sadder sight than a pretty piece of clothing in wrinkles.

✶Take good care of clothes. By this I mean that 1)  probably you'd do yourself a favour if you wouldn't eat anything messy/ do outdoor activities in your most elaborate clothes, 2) apart from the danger of staining pieces one should generally know how to wash lolita clothes. There is plenty of information on prints and brands and how their pieces hold up to washing on the internet if you want to know what awaits you beforehand. In order to be most careful I generally handwash 90% of my blouses and all of my dresses by hand.

Fix stuff! It just happens so often that buttons come off  - there is no way around learning how to readjust them. I consider myself the biggest klutz when it comes to sewing , but still  - I can sew on buttons and repair rips in socks xD

✶ Should be willing to work hard – remember: it’s just as wise MC Melod¥ Doll said: “get a good job, then you can buy more brand” (ര̀ᴗര́)و ̑̑
✶Dare to be creative! Make your creativity shine through your outfits - I think this is one of the most inspiring aspects of lolita fashion: making your outfits your very own!

All of that said - I guess there could be a million more things, but I guess I covered the ones that are most essential to myself. It's of course cool if you can sew garments yourself or craft your own accessories but I didn't include such because that are things that you need to have practised/learnt in order to succeed... and not everyone is skilled ^^ 
I for my part am pretty clumsy when it comes to sewing and would probably need a lot of patience until I master sewing to an acceptable extent.

Thank you for reading! ೕ(`・୰・´)

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  1. Oh man, that first skill is one I'm STILL trying to master xD I can never get perfect bows...

    1. Pssst, neither can I :'D
      I think I should after tying bows for a gazillion of years now - but yeah... nevertheless I think it's a very handy skill ;)