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Lolita Blog Carnival - Lolita New Year's Resolutions

Hello again,

First let's take a look back on old resolutions that I had made in the past years!

In 2015 my goals for lolita fashion were more defined:
Don't buy too many main pieces, get more blouses and accessories...

And it worked out quite fine I must say!
I didn't hoard as much and finally bought items that made it easier to coord my main pieces with more versatility.

For the last year I hadn't set myself any resolutions, I guess I just had forgotten about it?

Which did actually have some consequences. I think without even setting myself any written or spoken resolutions/goals I just floated along and simply bought pieces that I loved, but never kept an eye on the big picture.
The result of that led to my hoarding game being as strong as ever and I completely lost my head when I saw anything I liked at bigger lolita events or at bring&buy events...

I bought way too many main pieces in 2016.
Amongst them not a single blouse or pair of shoes or anything else "useful" for that matter...

So onto my resolutions for this lolita-year:

✎ Write all of the items that I get onto a list, which I hang somewhere close to my office space. I recently sat down and made a list of each piece that I got in 2016  - that was a real eye-opener! This way I hope to a) keep an overview of what I buy, b) keep myself from buying too many main pieces. Let's hope it 'll work!

✎  Take more outfit pictures! I usually wear lolita on a regular basis, but rarely take pictures. That is due to the lighting in my flat being awfully low (no matter what season) and yellow-tinged, also I never seem to find the perfect spot for outfit pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to figure something out for 2017!

✎ Get rid of pieces that I don't enjoy wearing anymore. I have held on to some pieces out of sentimental value, but I believe it is time to let them go. For instance I just feel weird in mainly white or beige main pieces and even though I love how they look on the hanger, they just don't feel right on me.

Host my first own meet-up. I feel like I have some good ideas and would like to give organising a small meet-up a try! I have written down several ideas and hope to put them into action this year.

✎ I've never had an actual lolita photoshoot and I think it is time! I think such photoshoots are just a really nice way to commemorate a special outfit.

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Thank you for reading! ヽ( ・∀・)ノ

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  1. Writing everything down on a physical list is such a good idea! Years ago I used to have a spreadsheet where I wrote in what I bought/sold and how much. That was a real eye opener too.