Samstag, 4. Februar 2017

Lolita Blog Carnival - Frillies You Find Inspirational


It's time for another LBC post - this time it is about people who inspire me in lolita fashion!

I mostly look to Instagram and tumblr for inspiration and enjoy following a ton of lolitas from all over the world! Instagram is probably the app I use most in general - what Instagram and twitter are to me is like reading a newspaper to other people (ノ^∇^)

During breakfast I already like to browse through my feed~

But who are the people whose coordinates and styles I like best?

 Here's my selection for this post:

She's a lolita from my local community in Austria, but currently lives in Stockholm. We have known each other for years as we started out wearing lolita fashion around the same time! I really like how much class Lea brings into her coordinates. They are always creative, but elegant. It also helps that she has really great outfit-picture-taking skills (*^v^*)

I met Josine at a lolita fashion event in Hamburg in 2015. Ever since I've been following her coordinates on Instagram! Josine really is good with bold colours and she doesn't shy away from doing unusual coordinations - which in my opinion is the key to her wonderful outfits! She often incorporates hats into her outfits which gives them an elegant touch.

I believe I first discovered her outfits on tumblr - these days I also enjoy following her on Instagram. Kavya wears lots of otome and lolita coordinates and always makes her outfits look special by adding pretty boleros and choosing interesting accessories. She is the designer of the otome brand Mulberry Chronicles.

The way she displays and presents her outfits is incredibly clean, which I find very aesthetic. Often she pairs different patterns such as dots or stripes with a main piece which makes it stand out and appear refreshing! I follow her on Instagram & tumblr :)

What can I say? Charlie is just the cutest. Her daily wear is amazing (lots of Lazy Oaf!) and her lolita wardrobe is basically an explosion of cute frills. She arranges her hair really well and knows how to pick great accessories to match her outfits. Charlie is active on YouTube as well as on Instagram.

The amount of people that inspire me on a daily basis would probably burst the seams of any blog entry, so I kept things as short as possible ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨

Anyways, I'm incredibly happy to live in the 21st century where I have access to the internet and can admire such fabulously clad people - long live tumblr & Instagram xD

A little bonus:

I am procrastinating the ordeal of packing my first suitcase, so yeah... I did this instead (´。・v・。`)

Thank you for reading!
I'm looking forward to read about the other participants' sources of inspiration.

Find them here:

(to be updated)

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